Dating a gibson melody maker

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Very nice look, the body has a beautiful finish and wood-grain.The weight is acceptable if compared to other ash-bodied Strats from the same era. Smooth action, frets and fretboard are in excellent shape.All the other plastic parts are also original and in good shape.Gorgeous sunburst finish in excellent condition, just some belt-buckle wear and fading of the red beneath the right arm, and a few scratches and dings on the body edges (all shown in pictures), but I'd conservatively rate this guitar's condition as an Excellent plus.The sound is great, hot and well-balanced, with the right amount of grit you'll expect from a '50s maple-neck Strat.Another wonderful Pre-CBS Strat, with an incredible flamed maple neck with brazilian rosewood board and clay dots.

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All the pickups work great and the guitar has the sound that gives pre-CBS Strats their legendary status. Neck date October 72, pots date 46th week of '71, grey bottom 'staggered' pickups dated 1972 (2312).

Exceptionally fine conditions for a 40 year-old instrument, really "near mint".

Only visible sign of time: light "stress" finish cracks in the neck-joint area, which by the way is perfectly stable and structurally solid with no issues at all. Laminated maple body, rosewood bridge and pearl-block inlaid fingerboard, original Grover Sta-Tites, chesterfield headstock inlay.

Perfect Spaghetti logo, small headstock with a very beautiful figured wood, Kluson Deluxe "double line" tuners, "L" serial number.

Neck date is September 1964, pots date is 28th week of '64.

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