Internet dating essay

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The internet has evolved into a fast convenience in today’s society, so much so that you can now date online. These question are: a) Why do people choose to date online?b) What aspects of face to face relations are reproduced?Despite being a relatively young industry, online dating has already become one of the most profitable types of business to be found on the Internet.Online dating services currently attract millions of users every day, and the industry as a whole is making hundreds of millions of dollars each year.These are examples of the online dating letdowns because it is easy to create a fake profile and manipulate other people into thinking that the fake people are real.The scary part about these letdowns is when a criminal or a predator is trying to find a victim to harm.42) These are a few examples of why people turn to internet dating.The aspects of face to face relations a reproduced in the manor that they are still getting to know the person...

40) Jean a 35- year old interviewee states, “If you were heavy, you could get to know someone who might like you instead of having to attract people with your looks before they wanted to know you.”(p.

Introduction ONLINE DATING I ntroduction Online dating is a relatively new phenomenon.

It arose during the late 1990s, at the same time that the Internet itself was becoming increasingly popular.

Online dating provides an efficient way for people to meet prospective partners and to get to know them through e-mails and chats.

There are various positive aspects to be found in the experience of online dating, as compared to the traditional methods of dating.

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