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Also starring in House of Boys is Steven Webb, 26, who is reported to be Fry's new boyfriend.

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"Amazing." The couple said "I do" in the Norfolk town of Dereham, England.

It's believed that Stephen and Elliot have known each other for quite some time, as the young writer and stand-up comedian was pictured out and about with the actor on several occasions last year.

However, despite excahnging tweets since the summer of 2014, the public didn't pay much attention to Stephen's new beau - until now.

House of Boys is the film that reignited Stephen Fry's passion for the cinema, but it is also the subject of artistic differences, with its producers said to fear that it may be too explicit for mainstream audiences.

Benjamin Northover, a Harry Potter actor who stars opposite Fry, told Mandrake: "There's a struggle going on at the moment.

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