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A template that looks like a valid template is going to be smaller than an article, but that doesn't mean that these should be rejected as stubs (an article criterion).

If the page genuinely is blank, or is an article or essay text submitted for Template: space then yes, quick-fail it.

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Pascal is a Software Engineer at Twitter with a deep passion for consistency.His recent contributions include helping us move all apps over to using Bower and implementing the new information bar.Colin is a software consultant at Scott Logic who is passionate about all software - from Java Script to Java, and C# to Objective-C.I got a question from User: LM103 that I wasn't 100% sure of. If someone could drop by and help him out, I'd appreciate. (talk) , 12 September 2012 (UTC) The link should be User_talk: LM103#New Article Question and I'd think the answer is that the WP: AFCH script (were it actually working) normally removes any leftover AFC submission and comment templates, along with the associated HTML comment, so there's no need to fix this manually.My guess would be yes, but I didn't want to tell him the wrong thing. Just be sure to leave the "submit" template on the article until it's reviewed.

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