Updating itunes 9 02

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Every modern i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod touch has access to a feature called Automatic Downloads, which can be used a bit differently than intended as a means to remotely install apps onto i OS devices from a computer.

All you need is i Tunes on OS X or Windows logged into the same Apple ID as what’s used on the i OS device, and the rest is easier than you’d probably expect.

Only sometimes does it reconnect and I'm able to save the work/game I was doing at the time but others, it doesn't connect at all.

I have to restart my PC when this happens, in order for them to reconnect, as unplugging and replugging does not work.

Because Automatic Updates can significantly drain battery by running and updating your apps on it’s own, it’s often a good idea to keep that turned off and selectively manage your own app updating, particularly for users with many apps installed.

Whether or not to use cellular data really depends on your individual cellular plan.

Now all you need to do is enable the feature and learn to use it for remote app installations.

Grab the i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod touch and enable Automatic App Downloads: need to enable the Automatic Updates feature for this to work.

Additionally, the program connects to the i Tunes Music Store which allows users to purchase digital music files that can be played by i Tunes.The “Music” folder is also typically kept as a quick link in the Finder window sidebar, which you can then use to access the directory: Windows In Windows your i Tunes music is going to be stored in one of several directories, depending on the version of Windows. These directories contain your locally stored media, music, and movies, but they are not where i Tunes backups of i OS devices are stored, which are found elsewhere.Rather than digging through the file system and folders, you can jump instantly to any i Tunes media file or songs location on the hard drive just by selecting it in i Tunes: Choosing to reveal the song in the Finder will instantly open the containing directory in OS X (or Windows, though the wording is slightly different) From here you can make a copy of that specific song, make changes to it, edit it and make your own remix, create a ringtone out of it, or whatever else you want to do with the song.If you have unlimited data, keeping it on is not a big deal, but for those with bandwidth caps (which is most i Phone users) you’ll probably want to keep cellular usage off.That’s it for the i OS side of things, now you can remotely install apps from i Tunes on a desktop computer, which we’ll cover next.

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